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Dec 2021:
Dear all, I am currently offering online lessons to all students - practical, aural and theory for all ages.
Please feel welcome to email for further information or updates.
My warmest wishes to you all

Kay - 1st Place Winners Medal
Ludo - 1st Place 

Medal & Trophy
Kay & Georgina
Anamika Milly WinnersDuetTrophies
Benjamin - Springboard
Marcus - Outstanding 

Mark Grade 1
Izzy - 2nd Place  Contemporary  
 Springboard Music Festival
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Poppy Gonzalez is a highly experienced piano teacher based in Brighton, East Sussex who receives outstanding results with her students. Studying piano from the age of five at the renowned Childs Pianoforte School, Poppy furthered her studies attending the Purcell School of Music Watford and the Royal Academy of Music, London.

Poppy specialises in teaching and inspiring children from as young as four years old in a fun and very easy way to understand. Younger beginners can enjoy making music very quickly with the aid of colours and stickers helpful for children who do not yet know their ABC, (this is just a teaching aid and not a colour 'method').

Having previously taught at the Childs school where she was trained, her own school in Buckinghamshire and in nore recent years, a summer school in Marbella; Poppy's reputation as a dedicated, passionate teacher of quality has grown over the past 18 years in the Brighton & Hove area.

Pupils can play for fun or make progress to the Royal Schools of Music exams, school music scholarships and diplomas; always receiving the most excellent results. Lessons are also available for those who have 'tried and given up years ago' - it is never too late to learn!

"Poppy Gonzalez is an exceptional and talented piano teacher, with a dynamic character and a warm personality. She encourages her students to have fun and stimulates excellence in their piano playing".
Valerie Childs - (Childs Pianoforte School)

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